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Welcome to Pure Tokyo


Hey there folks! =^^= I guys that you're here because you well.. maybe just stumbled onto my icon community via either my journal or someone else journal. =D Or I could hope that you're here to check if there's any new icons out! Hohohoho. XD Either way! Welcome! I guess you already know how an Icon Journal works.. so I'll leave you to it. =D Find more information about the community in the community's profile.. and uhm.. the navigation's upon the header. ;) Please enjoy!

So! Not much more to say! Here's where you'll be able to find all kinda updates at Pure Tokyo, so well, be sure to check back once in a while. ^__~ All the latest icons (and possible graphic posts) will be located right under THIS post here.. which you're currently looking at!

ATTENTION: I'm the only one who have the access to post in this community, so many of you guys might find it pointless to actually join the community maybe.. but if you would then it would be so great to see that I have your guyses support =^^= Thanks.

( Rules, Basic Information, FAQ.. )

Complete List of Credits
Brushes, Patterns, Textures, Fonts Etc.

LiveJournal Users
mascarajunkie83, sir, asya_17, ewanism, arisubox, david_lucena, _dreamworld, gxscatterexd, strawberries007, hanako_lovely, amethystia, idol_iconized, xoflora, tsukicon

Hybrid Genesis, 44 Suburbia

More to come. Missed once will be filled in.

Questions goes in the comment!
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