Anna (pandabamboo) wrote in puretokyo,

Icon Request: March

For a week or two I will be open for icon requests. So if you want me to make you an icon, then please comment with the following information:

+ (Upload picture/s that you want)
+ A certain color scheme you want maybe?
+ Possible text? Main text (bigger font)? Quote?
+ Whatever you want. =]
+ You may request max. 2 icons this time.

The only thing I want in return is for you to credit me if using the icon. For examples of my works, please look at the entries a couple of stairs down.

There will be an opportunity for everyone to request icons from me every month, and the time the request will be open is from 1(to 2) weeks. Depends. Rules that counts every time is that you can only request max. 2 icons. Choose possible color, scheme yourself. Upload at least 1 picture for 1 icon. Icons made will be further posted in other communities if I want to.

Status: Closed.
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